Let's Chat!

Hello, everybody! I don't have whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber or snapchat. You can chat with me at sam@chven.us via xmpp. If you don't have an xmpp(jabber) account, then you can visit my chatroom.

If you already have an XMPP account, you can use a software client to login into the server. Once you have logged into the server, you may then chat with users on nearly any XMPP server.

For Android, I recommend Conversations. For iOS or macOS, try monal.im or Chatsecure.

You can also log in at https://conversejs.org to chat from your browser (this is the same software as is used in my chatroom, but you will need an xmpp account to login.)

If you don't have an account, you could sign up at https://xmpp.is/account/register/